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Taxes are always a part of life for individuals and businesses that seem to get more complicated each year. Hacker Accounting has been filing personal tax returns for over 15 years. We offer many different income tax worksheets so that you can understand all the available tax write offs that the IRS makes available. We also have tax worksheets for individuals with more complex tax returns, like realtors and self employed businesses. These worksheets are accessible online anytime or at our office. We also offer a one hour tax preparation consultation at no cost.

Tax Documents

- IRS Red Flags for Audit
- Income Tax Questionaire
- 2013 Employmee Forms
- W9 Form
- New Company Packet
- Sales Tax Rates as of 6-1-13

Start Preparing Taxes

When You Should Start Preparing Your Taxes

At Hacker Accounting, our customers frequently ask us when is the best time to start preparing their taxes for the next season. While you should be preparing year-round by saving relevant receipts and documents, certain instances and events are more important to take note of for tax season than others.

One of the many perks of marrying your sweetheart is a lower tax rate.

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Prepare For Tax Season

How to Prepare for Tax Season

We’re often asked when the best time of the year is to start preparing for tax season. The truth is, if you have a good tax strategy in place, you should be preparing all year round.

Income tax preparation services don’t necessarily entail hours of work each week, but just a few minutes here and there. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare throughout the year so you are ready to go when tax season comes...

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I have been working with Hacker Accounting for a number of years. I have referred investments clients to them for tax advice. They in turn have referral tax clients to me for financial advice. The results have been more than satisfactory.

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