The Secret To Getting Rich

Getting Rich

We’ve all seen it – celebrities and millionaires boasting on social media or on TV about what “richness” looks like. To the audience, we are lead to believe that being rich means exotic cars, brand name clothing, and wildly expensive trips. But what does rich really look like, and what is the secret?

Take Mark Zuckerberg for example. The founder and CEO of the world’s largest social media network, Facebook. It is said that Zuckerberg is worth nearly 65 billion dollars. Thats right, billion with a B – and yet, you would never know it. By just looking at Zuckerberg, with his wardrobe full of simple grey tshirts and denim jeans, you would never know he is one of the richest men on earth simply by his appearance.

His secret to his wealth?

Living below his means

It’s as simple & as difficult as that. So how do you do it? Here are two tips:

Cut the big bills

Re-evaluate your cell phone and cable bills, learn how to frugally use your AC and electric to save money.

Challenge everything

Do you really need to be spending the amount you are on certain things? For instance, is shopping at Nordstroms for all of your clothing really that important, or could you look at discounted stores to find the same thing? And if it is important to shop there, is there a sale coming up that you can get more for your buck?

No matter what your income situation is – implementing these steps will help you live below your means & save exponentially more.Looking for more tips to save & live within your means? Give Hacker Accounting a call at (602) 375-5251 today!

Chris Hacker
Chris has been working in the bookkeeping and accounting field for over 15 years preparing business, income and payroll taxes. Chris has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State and is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service.