Save Time on Accounting and Grow Your Business

Save Time on Accounting

As the old saying goes time is money. When you’re starting your own business, you’re probably not going to have much of either. All your time and money is going towards keeping your dream alive and strong. And while we all know that you can’t run a business without money, it’s just as hard to run a thriving business when you don’t have enough time to take it to the next level.

You can see what’s happening to the money you’re pouring into your work, but have you been paying enough attention to the time you spend? Are you using the time that you have to work to your full potential and grow your business, or are you spending too much time doing work that someone else can do for you? As a business owner, your time is very valuable. Ask yourself honestly. Are you investing that time wisely? If you feel that you just don’t have enough time to spend on your business, there’s something that you can do to save time and bring some needed expertise into your world. Get an accountant.

At Hacker Accounting, we commit ourselves to helping you grow and maintain your businesses. We accomplish this by offering expert advice, accurate bookkeeping, keen business savvy and by devoting ourselves to the time-consuming financial tasks that our clients shouldn’t have to deal with. We do what we do best by freeing our customers to do what they do best. If you’re wondering how an accountant can save you time and help you grow your business, we’ve got a few things here that should help you make up your mind.

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Part of running a business is digging through an avalanche of paperwork. Whether it’s updating your payroll, paying your invoices, maintaining your company accounts or getting your tax information in order, there is a LOT of documents that need to be worked on and tracked. And some of those things, if they’re filed at the wrong time or filled out incorrectly, could cost you dearly in fines and lost revenue.

An accountant can help you free up an extraordinary amount of time by focusing on all those things so you can be free to focus on the big picture. It’s hard to do market research, court new clients, grow your customer base and develop new products and services when so much of your time is devoted to day to day bookkeeping. Running a business is stressful enough; by bringing in an accountant, you are lightening your workload to focus on the things that made you passionate about your business in the first place.

Cash flow

In order to grow your business, you have to have an accurate and honest assessment of where it’s at. Any person who is about to start an ambitious exercise program knows that it’s wise to see a doctor to make sure they’re up to the task before committing to it, and the same thing applies to businesses and accountants. You want to make sure your business is healthy enough to grow, because few things will kill a business faster than trying to grow when it’s not ready to do so yet.

An accountant can look at your records and your capital and let you know if your goals and ambitions are realistic. Looking towards the future is all well and good, but if you’re not making enough money to pay off the bills you already have then you won’t have a future. A good accountant will make sure that everything is in order, and if something is amiss they’ll find out what the problem is and sort it out.


Accountants aren’t just good at letting you know where you’re at. They can also tell you where you need to be. Accountants can offer you financial advice and help you establish a more efficient and robust structure for your business. They can tell you about market trends and suggest wise moves for you to make. A strong accountant will understand your field and give you advice that will make your business stand out from your competitors.

What they also offer is an outsider’s viewpoint. As a business owner, nobody is more of an expert on what you do than yourself. But sometimes it’s easy to lose perspective or focus on the wrong things when you’re so invested in something. As an outside expert with an interest in seeing you become more successful, your accountant can tell you if that idea you have is going to go the distance or if it needs to go back to the drawing board.

That is another way that accountants help you save time. Your time is a limited resource. Why squander that resource on ideas that won’t pan out? No farmer should waste time growing trees that won’t bear fruit, and as a business owner you shouldn’t be focusing on things that won’t help your business grow.

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More Ways To Save Time

At Hacker Accounting, we offer accounting services to help you save time and grow your business. To find out what we can do for you, give us a call at 602-375-5251.

Chris Hacker
Chris has been working in the bookkeeping and accounting field for over 15 years preparing business, income and payroll taxes. Chris has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State and is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service.