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Tax Services for Individuals In Phoenix, AZ

Hacker Accounting has been filing personal tax returns for over 15 years. We provide personal tax services with our tax professionals in order to maximize your refund. Additionally we take the guess work out of filing your personal taxes by completing the preparation and verification for you. You can rest easy with your taxes in our hands.

Our free electronic filing system makes sure that your tax return files promptly and accurately. Offering many different income tax worksheets so that you can understand all the available tax write-offs that the IRS makes available. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to save money and increase your refund.

We also have tax worksheets for individuals with more complex tax returns, like realtors and self employee businesses. These worksheets are accessible online anytime or at our office.

Why Choose Hacker Accounting?

We know that it’s easy to find software and online services to complete your personal taxes, but these are just a few of the reasons why working with Hacker Accounting is the best choice:

green-checkmarkFast turn around time, ensuring you get your refund as soon as possible.

green-checkmarkSeveral years of experience in tax preparation so you know your taxes will be done right the first time.

green-checkmarkIn-house accountants can work with even the most complex of tax situations.

green-checkmarkAs a family run business, we know how important each dollar can be to a family. That’s why we’ll take the time to make sure you’re maximizing your refund each year.

green-checkmarkWhether you have an LLC or self-employee run, we can do it all. Don’t waste time searching the Internet for the proper forms. Have an accountant with experience at Hacker Accounting provide the forms and aid in the completion.

"Everyone needs a friendly knowledgeable friend in the tax business. I know I'm at peace knowing I have a friend in the accounting business."

David B.
David B. Customer

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Are you looking for personal tax help near you? Call or stop by our nearby offices to get more information on our personal tax preparation services. Allow us to put our knowledge to use for you, walking you through the annual process, helping you meet deadlines and avoid penalties.

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