Our Favorite Goals Small Business Owners Make

Favorite Goals

Working with small businesses is one of the most rewarding benefits for the team at Hacker Accounting. There is nothing like feeling the passion and determination that comes with working to make a business succeed. In many ways, we feel like we are part of the team and have an equal interest in seeing the business reach their goals.

As we work closely with small business owners and managers, we are often privy to some of their business goals. We get to hear and understand the logic that goes into these goals and watch with enthusiasm as the business moves closer and closer to achieving these goals.

Setting goals can be tricky and in our experience, we know that some goals are just better than others. Here are some of our favorite goals small business owners make:

Maintaining a Timely Payroll

When a small business owner puts an emphasis on a timely payroll, he or she is making a powerful statement to everyone involved that employees are highly valued. Because there is so much that goes into managing payroll, such as deducting taxes and providing accurate updates, it is not always an easy task. However, if the small business owner is willing to set payroll as a top priority, it typically leads to success.

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Plan Ahead for Next Year

It is always important to plan ahead, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen as it should. For small businesses to be successful, they almost have to plan to plan ahead. In short, they must set goals to have the following year’s budget in place with key financial goals thought out and prepared in advance.

Equally as important is setting benchmarks to ensure you are staying on track and reaching your goals along the way.

Prepare for Growth

Anytime a business owner is ready to set a goal for the growth and expansion of the business, you can bet they are serious about making their business work. This takes more than simply saying you want to grow, but involves taking a good look at current trends and earnings to know what to expect down the road. We love working with small business owners who have goals to grow because that usually means they are going to be paying close attention to what is happening now.

Working with an Accountant

A small business owner who is ready to work with an accountant right out of the gates is one that understands and accepts that some areas of his or her business is better left to the experts who know it. Many small businesses fail because the owner is not willing to accept that he or she needs help in areas such as accounting and bookkeeping.

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Chris Hacker
Chris has been working in the bookkeeping and accounting field for over 15 years preparing business, income and payroll taxes. Chris has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State and is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service.