How Your Accountant Can Predict Your Financial Future

Financial Future

When it comes your financial future, sometimes you just need to see a fortune-teller. The future is so uncertain. It can be so reassuring to talk to someone with insight, who can gaze out into the unknown and divine a trail for you to blaze. We think that all businesses should dabble in some fortune-telling. But not the kind you might be thinking of! Put away those Tarot cards, fortune cookies and take that palm-reader off your speed dial. The best oracle you can talk to isn’t a Magic 8-Ball, it’s your accountant!

You don’t need the gift of prophecy to see your financial future. You just need an experienced accountant by your side. At Hacker Accounting, our accountants have helped many a client see their financial future and given them the tools they need to make it a reality. If you want to know how an accountant can see so far ahead, put down your crystal ball and keep reading.

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Numerology That Works

Accountants are master numerologists. They aren’t interested in your date of birth or your lucky numbers, though. What accountants are interested in is the numbers that make up your business. Your profits, your losses, your investments, your debts, your invoices, your payroll, your inventory and your capital. Money is the blood that flows through the body of your business and keeps it alive. It’s your accountant’s job to do the occasional blood test and make sure that everything is flowing nice and smooth and free of anything malign that could bring your business down.

It’s by looking at these numbers that your accountant can see their financial future. They can notice trends and patterns in your spending. Perhaps one sector of your business is performing exceptionally well, beyond expectations? They would advise you to find out why that area is doing so well and to focus in on that. The key to success in business is to focus on what works, not to expend all your time and resources trying to make a non-starter happen.

They can also notice ill omens. Are you losing money in surprising and unexpected ways? Is your debt mounting? Is there a sweet spot that your business strategy just can’t seem to hit? Your accountant can sift through these negative numbers like they were reading tea leaves and tell you what you should do to get out of those holes. Part of fortune telling isn’t just telling you about the peaks you should be climbing. It’s letting you know about the valleys you need to stay out of.

Who Needs the Zodiac When You’ve Got The Market?

A great accountant doesn’t just help you with paperwork and budgets and money management. They’re also there to advise you, to counsel you and to offer you a needed outsider’s perspective on your financial situation. A great accountant has a wider view on your business. They’re keeping an eye out on the market, they’re paying attention to trends that are bolstering or destroying your competitor, they’re studying the stock market and fluctuations in the market the way an astrologer would study the stars above.

When you’re busy running your own business, it’s hard to have the mental bandwidth to expand your focus and pay attention to the world around you. You need someone who can look past your day to day operations, past just plain survival, to see the road ahead. By being informed about the financial world, your accountant can tell you when the moment is right for you to move forward and grow your business and when it’s time for you to bunker down, establish yourself and wait for the right moment to reach for the stars.

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Chris Hacker
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