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Hacker Accounting is a family run business that understands the difficulties that come along with running a business. We are there to help businesses get through the tedious paperwork that seems to never end. Whether that is payroll taxes and reports, sales tax and reports or income taxes we are there to help. We offer a free initial consultation, we have a pickup and delivery option for the lone business owner and we are always there to take phone calls and answer your questions.

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Business Taxes Late

What Happens if I File Business Taxes Late?

Many business owners find themselves overwhelmed with running their business and watch their tax-filing deadline come and go without taking action. Missing a tax deadline is not necessarily the end of the world. If it happens to you, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

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Filing Taxes Multiple Businesses

Filing Taxes for Multiple Businesses

Running a business takes a lot of savvy and know-how, especially when the number of businesses you own goes up. Every business you add to your portfolio brings a whole slew of extra paperwork and forms. Are they all really necessary, or can some be combined with the forms from your other businesses? If you’re filing taxes for multiple businesses, then read on.

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Hacker Accounting has been assisting us with our businesses over the past couple of years. They have prepared our contractor's sales tax returns, run payroll and reconciled our bank accounts. We would recommend them to other contractors.

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