Having A No Spending Weekend? Here Are Some Tips

No Spending Weekend

Many people, in an effort to save more money this summer, are hopping on trend with a no spending weekend. These weekends are exactly what they sound like – two days where no money is spent. Getting some anxiety about the upcoming money-free weekend? Here are some tips: Don’t stress it. You can manage to …
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Congrats, Accounting Grads of 2017!

Accounting Grads

To the accounting grads of 2017 all over the world, we here at Hacker Accounting want to congratulate all of your hard work. We know the schooling and education that goes into this degree is not easy, and we commend you on completing such an agree just task. You are well on your way to …
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Penny Stocks: Are They Worth It?

Penny Stocks

We talk a lot about how to invest your money correctly with clients at Hacker Accounting. So when looking at stocks, you have to take all the options into account. See what are right for you – and more importantly – what you’re okay with risking. The Reward As many people know, penny stocks can …
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Tax Day To-Do’s

Tax Day Todos

Woohoo! Today is tax day. As I’m sure this is not a cause for many to celebrate, it is a day to commemorate all the hard work you have put into completing your taxes and write offs. Here at Hacker, we wanted to share a short list of things you need to have completed and …
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Bookkeeper VS Accountant: What Does My Business Need?

Bookkeeper VS Accountant

With more financial institutions becoming one stop shops, people use the term accountant and bookkeeper synonymously. But as we will dive into a little bit during this article, we at Hacker Accounting want to explain the difference between the two, so you can decide whether you need one or the other for your business. Bookkeepers …
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TEEN TALK: Financial Planning For College

Financial Planning For College

Ever since our child is born, we as parents think about what the big days in our children’s lives will look like. From their first steps, all the way to their first day at college moving into the dorms, you can’t wait for those dates to happen for them. Here at Hacker, we want to …
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TEEN TALK: Financial Planning For A Car

Financial Planning For A Car

Okay, this one’s a little scary. It’s hard to imagine as a parent our small children who were once crawling around the kitchen, gearing up to take on the open road behind the wheel of a car. In addition to their many hours of studying for their driving test, we here at Hacker also believe …
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TEEN TALK: Financial Mistakes To Warn Your Teen About

Financial Mistakes

Mistakes happen – that’s a part of life. But if we could spare our kids from making one, especially financially, all parents would stand up to do so. In our next post in the teen talk series, we here at Hacker Accounting want to make sure we do all that we can to set parents …
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TEEN TALK: 2 Ways To Talk Finance With Your Teen

Talk Finance With Your Teen

As parents, it’s our job to make sure our kids put the best foot forward. Whether that’s in health, academically, or even financially. Now to some parents, this means only saving up for your children, but for others, this means teaching your children to be financially savvy, as well. Here at Hacker Accounting, we want …
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3 Less Known Tax Deductions

Less Known Tax Deductions

Here at Hacker, we want to make sure you’re fully aware of all that is going on with your money. Whether that be managing your business’s payroll, discussing tax information with you, or scanning through over 300 deductions potentially applicable to your taxes. With so many possible exemptions, it’s hard to know what can apply …
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