What To Consider Before Purchasing A Home

Purchase A Home

It’s perfect. The house you always imagined has come onto the market a perfect time, just when you’re looking to purchase one. However, buying a home is no simple task, and is a huge, huge financial investment. Here are a few things to consider before taking the leap into purchasing a home. Review Recurring Payments …
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Online Shopping? Here Are 2 Tips To Save Some $

Online Shopping

Whether you are looking to save money on your favorite online boutique or your favorite tech website, we could all use a discount for the things we’re online shopping for. Here are two ways to find those discounts: Download Honey Chrome Extension If you use Google Chrome, you need to be using Honey. Honey is …
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Roth IRA vs. 401(k) – Which Is Right For You?

IRA vs 401K

We know how hard deciding between a Roth IRA vs 401k can be when trying to decipher it for yourself. That is why we here at Hacker Accounting created a quick list to showcase the two option’s main differences, so you can be as informed as possible of the possibilities available to you! Control over …
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Could You Live Like Elon Musk?

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a world renowned, innovative CEO known for his work with massive successful organizations like Tesla and Space X. But before he was a wealthy billionaire leading these companies, Elon Musk lived on a very frugal budget… Musk lived on one dollar a day To see if he had what it takes to …
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Financial Books Warren Buffett Highly Recommends

Financial Books

As many successful people will agree, continued learning through financial books is a vital tool to benefit your personal life & your business. And who better to take advice from than one of the wealthiest men on earth, Warren Buffett? Buffett is currently estimated to be worth almost 45 billion dollars – and among his …
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The Secret To Getting Rich

Getting Rich

We’ve all seen it – celebrities and millionaires boasting on social media or on TV about what “richness” looks like. To the audience, we are lead to believe that being rich means exotic cars, brand name clothing, and wildly expensive trips. But what does rich really look like, and what is the secret? Take Mark …
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Declared Bankruptcy? Here’s How To Rebuild Credit

Rebuild Credit

Many people view bankruptcy as a last resort. When people can no longer provide the money they owe regularly to pay off their debts, they are forced into bankruptcy, which can devastatingly destroy someones credit. However, with years of hard work and a few smart moves – your credit can be rebuilt. Here’s how: Speak …
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2 Things You Can’t Deduct From Your Taxes

Cant Deduct

When it comes to taxes, deductions and exemptions can be tricky. There is an infinite amount of possibilities for deductions, as long as you place in certain brackets – but first, what are those deductions and what are those brackets? The best person to speak to for this information would be your accountant. As the …
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15 Quick Money Saving Tips to Instate This Week

Quick Money Saving Tips

Many of us are looking for simple swaps to save ourselves more money. Whether we are watching our spending or not, it is always helpful to pinch pennies where you can, so we compiled a list of quick money saving tips you can implement to spend less and save more! Develop a budget Save your …
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