SERIES: Creating a Business Budget: Profit Margins & Projections

On to the next step in our Series – here is how to build out two of the most important sections of your business budget: your profit margins section, and your 12 month projections section. In our previous articles, we discussed goal-tracking and knowing your variables, and profit margins & projections are where these two …
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Why You Need a Business Budget

For many small business owners, creating a business budget might seem unnecessary. We know the thought process – “If I’m the only one managing my business, I know how to manage my money.” No matter if you were in charge of a multimillion dollar corporation, or a small mom-and-pop, having a budget for your business …
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End of Summer Traveling? Here is How to Save BIG on Flights

Many times, airline tickets are the most expensive part of travel, especially if you’re booking last minute. However, there are lots of unknown tips on how you can be saving hundreds by using a few simple tricks. We here at Hacker Accounting are in the business of saving you money, so we comprised those tips …
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Top Overlooked Deductions You Could Be Writing Off

Prepare Tax Season

The tax game is tricky. So often, after you file your taxes and have sent them off, you realize a change you could have made that would’ve saved you a few, useful, dollars. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gave you a list of the most commonly overlooked deductions you could be utilizing?

4 Financial Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Financial Podcasts

If you are not taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge many are sharing daily on some of these podcasts, we highly suggest you start using your morning commute time to do so! With episodes that cover all aspects of finance, your sure to learn something valuable every day. Here is our list of 4 …
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What To Consider Before Purchasing A Home

Purchase A Home

It’s perfect. The house you always imagined has come onto the market a perfect time, just when you’re looking to purchase one. However, buying a home is no simple task, and is a huge, huge financial investment. Here are a few things to consider before taking the leap into purchasing a home. Review Recurring Payments …
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Online Shopping? Here Are 2 Tips To Save Some $

Online Shopping

Whether you are looking to save money on your favorite online boutique or your favorite tech website, we could all use a discount for the things we’re online shopping for. Here are two ways to find those discounts: Download Honey Chrome Extension If you use Google Chrome, you need to be using Honey. Honey is …
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Roth IRA vs. 401(k) – Which Is Right For You?

IRA vs 401K

We know how hard deciding between a Roth IRA vs 401k can be when trying to decipher it for yourself. That is why we here at Hacker Accounting created a quick list to showcase the two option’s main differences, so you can be as informed as possible of the possibilities available to you! Control over …
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