3 Reasons Why Your Bookkeeper and Accountant Need to Communicate

Bookkeeper Accountant Communication

Every business needs a dynamic duo to keep them out of trouble. A bookkeeper & accountant, working side by side, can do your business a world of good. Getting these two different financial professionals on the same page is the best thing you can do for your books.

At Hacker Accounting we know just how valuable it can be to have these two experts working together. Here are three reasons why your bookkeeper and accountant need to communicate with each other.

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Set Up Systems

Working together your accountant & bookkeeper can set up the best bookkeeping system to track and manage your expenses. They can streamline the process so your bookkeeper is working with a system that your accountant is familiar with. This will make tax season a lot easier for everyone: Instead of the communication breakdowns and confusion that can come from financial professionals using two different systems, they’ll both be on exactly the same page about your finances.


Having both of these professionals working with each other can really cut down the risk of either of them making costly mistakes. Your accountant won’t be dealing with your day-to-day expenses: That’s what your bookkeeper is for. But it also means that when your accountant is taking a look back at your books, they’ll have a chance to notice if something doesn’t add up. When it comes to bookkeeping, having another pair of eyes on your records is a good thing. Even the tiniest of errors could get you hit with HUGE penalties come tax time.

Big Picture, Little Picture

Accountants are big picture types. They’re there to help you plan your future, offer you sage financial advice & strategy, and give you the forecast on how your industry is developing. They’re there to help you figure out where you should go as a business.

Your bookkeeper, on the other hand, is fixated on where you’ve been and where you’re at right now as a business. They’re not looking at the forest: It’s their job to take care of the trees. They’re paying attention to all the little details and transactions and developments that your accountant is looking at through a big picture lens. Bookkeepers can keep your feet on the ground: They can tell you, based on your day to day financial habits, just how feasible and viable the business strategies your accountant is suggesting actually is. A good idea does you no good if you don’t have the resources or infrastructure to act on it. This is where your bookkeeper shines: They understand how your business works at a nuts and bolts level. They know what it can support and what it can’t.

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Chris Hacker
Chris has been working in the bookkeeping and accounting field for over 15 years preparing business, income and payroll taxes. Chris has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State and is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service.